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Why are Finger Play songs so important?

March 13, 2017

As you might be aware, at WiggleTots this term we have been developing our fine motor skills with our Tiny Little Fairy finger play song, dressing up and collecting treasure.The development of fine motor skills are not only important for dancers but also for eating, dressing, (especially fiddly zips and buttons) feeding and writing.


Finger play songs and rhymes are a fun way to develop the muscles in the fingers, wrists, hands, strengthening hand grip and developing wrist movement.


As children are going to school as early as 4 years old, the need for these skills is as important as ever. They are needed in Academics skills such as writing, drawing, cutting, turning pages and grasping. Through play construction, role play and IT, and though self care skills such as dressing, toileting, hygiene and eating.


I know a lot of children have taken home the words and actions to practice the WiggleTots Little Tiny Fairy finger play song but here are a few more finger play songs/rhymes that you could practice at home.




Open, Shut Them

This song is great for finger & hand control as well as bilateral coordination (both hands working together at the same time).

Open, shut them, open, shut them
(open and shut hands to beat)
Give a little clap.
(one clap on word clap)
Open, shut them, open, shut them
(open and shut hands to beat)
Lay them in your lap.
(place hands together in your lap)
Creep them, creep them,
creep them, creep them,
(crawl the hands/fingers slowly up chest)
Right up to your chin
(touch chin)
Open wide your little mouth
(open mouth, fingers on chin and pause)
But do not let them in!
(scurry hands behind your back)



Rain is Falling Down

A fun finger play for wiggling fingers and tapping the beat.

Rain is falling down,
Rain is falling down
(hold hands up high, wiggle fingers as you bring arms down)
(tap thighs with palms alternating hands to the beat)
Rain is falling down
(hold hands up high, wiggle fingers as you bring arms down)



The Bee Hive

A lovely rhyme for isolating finger movements to enable counting with fingers.

Here is a beehive, where are the bees?
(clench fist and cover with other hand)
Hiding away where nobody sees.
Watch them come creeping out of their hive
(wiggle your fisted fingers inside the other hand)
One and two and three, four, five Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
(hold up each finger on fisted hand as you count and wiggle 5 fingers in the air on buzzzzz)



Happy singing!!














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