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Why do toddlers love repetition?

At WiggleTots, parents sometimes ask me if our aims and themes, in our toddler dance classes changes each week. The answer is no they don’t change weekly but termly. The reason for this, is because children learn through repetition, learning the same thing each week. They also thrive in an environment where there is routine and structure, and where they can begin to anticipate what happens next.

Toddlers learning in our dance class.

For adults, repetition is often boring, as we actively seek new experiences, however children love repetition. Your little one probably asks you for the same story over and over or watches the same film time and time again. Toddlers love the fact that they can begin to predict a story. Understanding what will happen next allows toddlers to feel comfortable and secure which in turn builds confidence.

Repetition helps toddlers to remember information and therefore strengthens the neural connections in the brain that enables them to learn. Prof Robert Winston says that our memory works best when reinforced and that repetition is key for

learning through repetition in our toddler dance class.

learning, Basically, practice makes perfect.

However, learning new skills takes time, determination and patience. Once these skills are mastered, toddlers may take great pride in repeating these actions over and over with new found confidence and joy. Repeating actions over and over is just your little ones way of reminding themselves of what they have learned.

I am often told that WiggleTots children love to show off any new skills mastered in our dance classes to anyone who is willing to watch them at home!!

Dawn Short (IDTA, NNEB)

Founder and Creator of WiggleTots, Dance classes for toddlers


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